Rafa Benitez Already Under Gunfire At Real Madrid

Rafa Benitez Already Under Gunfire At Real Madrid

It’s something that has become somewhat of a routine for the folks at Real Madrid and something that even Madrid fans are getting sick of. Yes, we’re talking about the board of directors and their ego problems at Real Madrid. It hasn’t been a very long time since ex Real Madrid, AC Milan and Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelloti was sacked due to the lack of faith from the Board of Directors. This was something that was believed to be ‘not happening’, however, the sane football fans always knew that this is something that is bound to happen and will happen no matter what. Carlo Ancelloti was said to be the one manager that is good enough after Jose Mourinho who can lead the club to the greatness that it deserves.

Rafa Benitez Already Under Gunfire At Real Madrid Even after the support of club’s main man Cristiano Ronaldo who posted a photo with the man himself signaling that he wants him to stay at Madrid, the sacking of Carlo Ancelloti couldn’t stop. In comes the new man who has had a lot to his name at the Barclays English Premier League with Liverpool, Rafa Benitez.Rafa Benitez was said to be the one man left in the list of people that Real Madrid haven’t tried and ironically sacked later on. With all the amazing performances from the team at the start, it was almost unbelievable that this is Real Madrid under Rafa Benitez. This might be because prior to joining Real Madrid, Rafa Benitez was a victim of deep criticism from fans at Chelsea and Liverpool who had seen the foul leadership skills of Benitez and had him sacked very soon. Fans in Spain had enough of the sackings that have took place in the last decade for Real Madrid and were looking for a permanent solution.

The start with Rafa Benitez was amazing for Real Madrid with Ronaldo scoring five goals in a single match for Madrid but then came a series of disappointments as the Madrid Derby was only drawn by 1-1 and nothing else could be done. Cristiano Ronaldo even after giving his best failed to score in the match and Benzema was the only one to get a goal to his name. It was also announced that there is a board of directors meeting soon after the match ended and there was a lot of tension in the dressing room. According to the reports by Daily Free Kick, Rafa Benitez is set to go under the first fire in the board of directors meeting and even though no sacking incident is ever written in the stars this early, it just might happen.

Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez

Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez

Real Madrid is always eager to protect its legacy and for that the club promises to do anything possible and sacking managers starts from the top of the list. While some say Benitez won’t be sacked this early, the others say he still will face the fire at Madrid.


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