A Silent Message to IQBAL on his Birthday

A Silent Message to IQBAL on his Birthday

With the rising son of 9th November, Pakistan will celebrate Allama Iqbal’s Birthday who was born on November 9, 1877. Just 8 days passed when Walid Iqbal the grandson of Allama Iqbal was dragged on streets and arrested in Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan while he was going to participate in a move against corruption.

Below is the picture when Punjab police arresting Walid Iqbal, President Lahore Urban PTI on 1st November 2016. It was the most painful scene to all the patriotic Pakistan when a Corrupt Prime Minister treated the honorable citizens in such a terrible way. Memories of the dictatorship again coming up and people faced tear gas shelling on the streets of central capital.

Walid Iqbal is a Lawyer, Teacher and an actiist of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf which is fighting the Mega corruption scandals in the country.


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