KPK Police Reforms Making a Model Police Force in the Country

KPK Police Reforms Making a Model Police Force in the Country

Peshawar, Pakistan: Police plays a vital role in the law enforcement in any country of the world. Historic Police Reforms introduced in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police as a vision of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has made it the best Police force in the country. Before the Election, Imran Khan was promised with the nation to bring police reform to make it corruption FREE and non-political.

Undoubtedly the present KP government in the province has fully authorised the police department with the introduction and implementation of Police Ordinance 2016. This Ordinance has made the Police department an autonomous body fully independent of political interference and completely authorised to freely work for the public safety and well-being. Journalists and analyst agreed that there is no comparison of KPK Police in Pakistan as it got developed so fast in last three years.
The police in KP today are ever more accountable where postings, transfers and promotions have been linked with performance. Hundreds of police officials punished on corruption charges exemplify the accountability mechanisms in place within the KP police.

KPK Police Reforms

KPK Police IT school was established in September 2015

These are some of the Top Tech reforms which made it the most advanced police in Pakistan.

  • Digitization of FIRs
  • Tenant Information System
  • Identity Verification System
  • Vehicle Verification System
  • Criminal Record Verification
  • Geo-Tagging
  • SOS Alert Service

Police IT School and Upgraded Infrastructure

KPK Police IT school was established in September 2015 to train Police Officers!  Since its establishment, the IT school has trained more than 2000 police officers and officials in different computer courses. The courses are:

  • Basic Computer Course
  • Advanced Computer Course
  • Professional Computer Course
  • E-Learning Course
  • Computer Programming
  • Hardware Maintenance & Troubleshooting Course

In last three years, KPK Police has become a model police force in the country.

A recent performance audit reveals that there is a welcome reduction in terrorist attacks and loss of valuable lives.

KPK Crime States

KPK Crime States on Three years in KPK

Reporting complaints against a high up was always been very difficult in Pakistan. The Police Access Service (PAS) system has made it easily to register complain against any official through different ways i.e through sms, call, face to face meeting, gmail, fax or by post. So far and so long almost 12000 complains have been submitted in this system.

These reforms enable the public to develop their trust on the police for the creation of a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere.


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