India to face Jinnah of 21th Century

India to face Jinnah of 21th Century

Asad uddain Owaisi, a Member of Indian Parliament is become the new hope for the Muslims of India those are looking for freedom. There is no doubt efforts of Muhammad Ali Jinnah get freedom for less than half of Muslims living in India. Still Muslim population in India is greater than Pakistan those are looking leader to lead them to get freedom of India.

India to face Jinnah of 21th Century

India to face Jinnah of 21th Century

Increading popularity of Owaisi brings nearly 60,000  to hear him at dusty parade ground in Aurangabad last year. “Call me provocative. Call me anti-national. But first, answer all the questions I am posing about discrimination and injustice,” he said.

He force all Muslims youth to pray regularly and get higher education. “This is our country as much as it is yours. We are not renters; we are also owners of this land. We should get our rights.”

One of his fans said; “I have never seen such a fearless leader before, Owaisi is the new messiah for us.”

During his interview, Owaisi said; “Every community in India has progressed except Muslims.”  Owaisi born in Hyderabad and a son of a lawmaker.

Ram Madhav, General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party said. “His politics is dangerous for India because it deepens the sense of alienation and separateness among Muslims.”

Owaisi may be the next “Jinnah of 21th Century” for Muslims of India.



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