Kidney stone pain stages and warning signs

Kidney stone pain stages and warning signs

Kidney stone, a solid material that forms inside the kidney and is dangerous for various body functions. Kidney stone can be made inside the kidney, inside ureter or in bladder. They are of different shapes.

Kidney stone pain

Kidney stone location:

They can be found inside the kidneys in different sizes, sometimes as small that you can only view it by microscope or sometimes as big like potatoes. Kidney stone can stay within kidney or it can also move down in your urinary track. Small stone can move to the urinary track solely with no or little pain. A big stone can stuck in your urinary track and it can stop the urine flow.

Stages of kidney stone and pain:

When chemicals become concentrated in the urine, then kidney stones come into being. When they made they are smaller in size like a sand grain and they began to grow with the passage of time and become large. There are various specific names given to kidney stone, stone in ureter and for urinary track. Usually the size of stone does not take importance unless and until it starts providing difficulty in urination process. When it stays in kidney, then it becomes less harmful. When it moves towards ureter, then it works as a dam.

Our kidneys continuously make urine and in the presence of these stones, pressure of urine behind the stone cause swelling in the kidneys. This pressure becomes the cause of kidney pain. It can also cause an infection.

The common symptoms of kidney stones are:

  • The continuous pain in lower back.
  • You can feel periods of severe pain in your lower back or in the side of abdominal.
  • You may feel uncomfortable or unable to lie down.
  • You can feel pain during urination.
  • Blood in urine is the severe symptom of urination it can occur when stone tries to come down from the ureter and cause scratching inside it.


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