Hello Teacher: An ICT Solution for Classroom Engagement

Hello Teacher: An ICT Solution for Classroom Engagement

In Pakistan, like other developing countries, student engagement in the classroom is always hard for teachers due to the huge number of students in each of their classes. This happens in all public sector schools which leads to lack of attention and poor understanding of the subject on the part of the students.


ICT is one of the best ways which can create innovative solutions to improve classroom engagement and help teachers to keep all his or her students on the same page. Bringing technology into the classroom is one of the most focused solutions to boost student engagement.

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Hello Teacher is a Project of International Development Innovation Network in IDDS Summit Lahore. It is a smartphone application for audio quiz/paper based assessments especially for large class sizes, providing resources for teachers to understand English in the local language, pronunciation tool and quick paper marking with image processing.

Furthermore, the application will keep track of students’ progress through analytics of the assessments, and helps the teacher to manage the groups of students that need extra attention. The application will have an inbuilt feature that aids the teacher to manage classes, keeps track of the progress of each class with respect to the syllabus, and also compiles reports for parent-teacher reviews.



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