TEDxFCCollege to explores Social Entrepreneurship & Women Empowerment

TEDxFCCollege to explores Social Entrepreneurship & Women Empowerment

TEDxFCCollege held in FC College, Lahore to focus on Social entrepreneurship, changing lives, women empowerment and peace building in Pakistan.

Speakers share their work in social enterprises and their impacts for changing lives of people.

“We decided to give women a lifeline – that’s how Pink Rickshaw initiative started”
Says Zar Aslam, Lady behind Pink Rickshaws

Zar Aslam showing her documentary on Pink Rickshaws!

Zar Aslam showing her documentary on Pink Rickshaws

“Fifteen thousand books have been distributed to educate children through comics.”
-Yahya Ehsan

“I am trying to pass on creativity in forms of art, comics and characters to our younger generation”, He added

Yahya Ehsan

Saad Idrees, Co-Director of Social Innovation Lab said

“We need an approach to solves our problems – Social enterprise is the approach we need.”

He started his talk with problems faced by Pakistan and explain the contribution of Social Innovation Lab in Social Entrepreneurship.

Saad Idrees

Yeongseon Noh performs beautifully to entertain the audience.

Yeongseon Noh performs beautifully to entertain the audience

Yeongseon Noh performing

Syed Zia Hussain Shah talks about the idea of separation and peace building which directly linked with religion.

He briefly explains the working of his startup Ravvish.

“Money is not success!” He said

Syed Zia Shah



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