Uber is launching self-driving cars in San Francisco today

Uber is launching self-driving cars in San Francisco today

Uber, The World’s largest Taxi sharing company launching today its self-driving cars in San Francisco.


Uber was testing its self-driving cars from few months and now finally they are going to launch this project with an innovation in transportation.

“We understand that there is a debate over whether or not we need a testing permit to launch self-driving Uber in San Francisco,” explained Anthony Levandowski, head of the advanced technology group at Uber

He shared his views to media, “We have looked at this issue carefully, and we don’t believe we do. Before you roll your eyes and think, ‘there they go again’, let us take a moment to explain. First, we are not planning to operate any differently than in Pittsburgh, where our pilot has been running successfully for several months. Second, the rules apply to cars that can drive without someone controlling or monitoring them. For us, it’s still early days and our cars are not yet ready to drive without a person monitoring them.”

Yesterday, Google announced its own self-driving car division as a subsidiary called Waymo, which will now operate under Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

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