Dark side of Koh Tao, Thailand

Dark side of Koh Tao, Thailand

Amazing Thailand” – therefore the location goes. However, whereas Siam shines brilliantly on several fronts – its exuberant capital, mesmerizing beaches, bucolic rural area, lip-smacking food – it’s reflected in a dark aspect, a so much cry from the commercial enterprise authority’s vision of paradise.  During my years living in the Land of Smiles, I detected nearly daily tales of horrific motorcycle, car, boat and bus accidents, scams and property frauds, drownings and diving incidents, stabbings, suicides and highly-suspicious deaths. Most distressing among them were the murders of British children Hannah Witheridge and David Miller, United Nations agency was savagely killed on the southern island of Koh Tao in 2014. At the time of the event, I used to be asked by a world wire service to collect some quotes from foreigners living on the island.

Dark side of Koh Tao, Thailand

 Resting within the Gulf of the Asian country, a two-hour ferry ride north of Koh Samui, Koh Tao is best best-known for its unimaginable marine life, that over the years has attracted a tiny low however buoyant expat community of around two,000 people, several of whom run dive centers, restaurants, and B&Bs. however, my requests to long-time residents and business homeowners were met with worry, as they created it quite clear they felt their lives would be at risk if they spoke on the record. Off the record, however, they told of associate island control within the iron grip of a mafia family, WHO demanded protection cash, controlled the native police and weren’t on top of offensive or burning down the homes and businesses of individuals that crossed them.

Dark side of Koh Tao, Thailand

 Later, the investigation into Ms. Witheridge and adult male Miller’s murders was wide criticized, with the police suspect of incompetence, management and also the scapegoating of 2 Burmese migrant employees, World Health Organization square measure currently awaiting the capital punishment. paying attention centered on the island, variety of alternative distressing deaths before long came to lightweight, as well as that of Nick Pearson, from Derby, World Health Organization police terminated had fallen from cliffs so submerged, and French tourer Dimitri Povse, World Health Organization was found hanged along with his hands tied behind his back. Since then, I actually have refused to go to the island, have powerfully suggested friends and family to not go and have declined to incorporate Koh Tao in any of my travel-related articles. The recent discovery of the body of Elise Dallemagne, the seventh young packer to own died in suspicious circumstances in barely 3 years, has solely reinforced my belief that Koh Tao could be a place to be avoided at the slightest degree prices.

 Within a couple of weeks of inbound within the south, I additionally learnt that taxis are mafia controlled and rose to ten times quite you’d pay in Bangkok; jet-ski operators are reputable for discouraging tourists into paying for fictional damages – ne’er leave your passport as security – and if you are doing have a haul, the police are unlikely to assist, though you must continually report any crimes committed against you, for insurance functions if nothing else. Violent attacks on ladies also are common enough for the ministry to supply this advice:
 “Violent sexual assaults and motiveless attacks are rumored in well-liked traveler destinations, together with within the Koh Samui solid ground and Krabi province. These are significantly common throughout the monthly full phase of the moon parties and customarily”. occur late in the dead of night close to bars”.


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