WhatsApp Testing for New Voice Calling Feature

WhatsApp Testing for New Voice Calling Feature

Whatsapp is the most popular voice call featured app. The company of whatsapp has recently started to test it through a few Androids.

WhatsApp Testing for New Voice Calling FeatureThis test is operated by a call from another tester to the selected Android set which enabled the apps. Some claimed that they needed to reinstall the app after getting testing call. But the test is kept to a limited extend. Some screenshots, showing whatsapp voice calling feature proof, is published by ‘Pradnesh07’. They showed that the interface have three tabs of ‘calls’, ‘chats’, ‘contacts’. Call options are – ‘speakerphone’, ‘mute’, and for ‘instant message’. Actually, whatsapp users are eagerly waiting to activate this app in their Android set. But, unfortunately, they need to have patience since CEO of Whatsapp Company stated that the launch of this app will be delayed until 2015 because of some technical problem.


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