Iran nuclear weapons- A threat to West

Iran nuclear weapons- A threat to West

Iran nuclear weaponsIranian nuclear weapons will have serious effect for the security of America and allies. The nuclear plan of Iran is clear and they have the capability of nuclear weapons. For more than eighteen years, this thing was kept secret. In November 2011, a report was released, which give evidence about Iran that “Iran has carried out activities relevant to the development of a nuclear device”.

Western agencies of intelligence also discovered in 2009 about the secret facility of Iran to enrich uranium. There are about 3000 centrifuges and they are enough to enrich uranium. The foreign policy of Iran is emboldened by its nuclear weapons. He already has the capability of conventional weapons to hit United States. This threat will increase further, if Tehran will be allowed for developing nuclear weapons.

Due to the operational and financial support of Iran for the groups of Hamas, Hezbollah and others, Iran is considered from one of the states that play a role for terrorism. Iran can share his nuclear weapons for such extremist groups which are hostile to U.S and West. The missiles of Iran cannot reach America yet, but he has the capability to threat U.S along with the inhabitants of U.S because of its nuclear power.  The department of defense in U.S reported that by 2015 Iran with the help of foreign assistance may be capable of flight-testing ballistic missile.

For the closest allies of Americans, Iran poses threat because of its nuclear power. The leader of Iran said repeatedly about the Israel that it should “be wiped from the map”, so Israel is considered at risk because of this saying. The Arab allies of America such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia are in alarming situation because of regional policy of Iran.


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