Information Technology University hosted Second Robotics Expo

Information Technology University hosted Second Robotics Expo

Information Technology University, Pakistan hosted their second Robotics Expo at Arfa Software Technology Park.

Robotics Exhibiton 2015The exhibition titled Machines of the Future: Robots showcased 15 robots that were designed and constructed by ITU students after taking a solitary Electronics course. Among the projects displayed in the exhibition were Robotic Gas Detector, Fire Extinguisher Robot, Robotic Stick for Carbon Emission Control, Bomb Disposal Robot, Demining Robot and GeekBot Bi-pedal Robot with static balancing and autonomous motion.

Robotics Exhibiton 2015

Robots are now playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing the 21st century and are being used in many industries ranging from car manufacturing to the health sector. The undergraduate students of ITU are focusing on bringing Pakistan forward in this field. The panel of esteemed judges awarded first place to the makers of GeekBot, with second place going to the students who built Object Identifier and Collector Robot and third place was given to the team who built the Robotic Stick for Carbon Emission Control.


Robotics Exhibiton 2015

Dr. Umar Saif, Vice Chancellor of ITU, said that the objective of this event was to help students materialize what they were studying and develop a culture of high-tech innovation and practical research. Under the supervision of course instructor Talha Rehmani, ITU students were also able show demos of their robots and websites, technical reports and write-ups. The event also showcased the project of 9-year old child prodigy, Muhammad Raza, who had made built a Color Sensing and Beacon Following Robot.


Robotics Exhibiton 2015

The chief guest of the exhibition, Prof. Dr. B.S. Chowdhry, renowned scientist and ICT expert, spoke at the event and praised ITU students for their outstanding efforts in robotics. The honorary guests also included Prof. Dr. Arshad Ali, Principal of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at NUST and Mudassar Nazar. The event was widely attended by the faculty and rectors of many prestigious universities including NUST, LUMS and FAST.

Robotics Exhibiton 2015


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