Why the lunar eclipse of bloody moon was not so reddish?

Why the lunar eclipse of bloody moon was not so reddish?

Clouds were cleared and across Michigan lunar eclipse of blood moon was quite visible. I myself saw that blood moon but it was not so bloody. Why it is so?

lunar eclipse of bloody moonRicher walker a well known astronomer tells that was no such blood moon as happened before.

There is a great chance for each lunar to become red. Light that moves from earth towards moon contains a reddish tone. During lunar eclipse, we can every sunset and sunrises of earth at same time.

During the eclipse time, the atmospheric conditions and weather conditions make eclipse red and this solely depend on those conditions. This phenomenon is also much localized. Lunar eclipse can be very red in Michigan and little less reddish in Wisconsin.

Red skies produce with the help of two items that are dust and water vapor. The presence of water droplet and dust particles help block that part of light from sun or moon and help us see more reddish light. Volcanic ash present in high atmosphere also plays same role.

lunar eclipse of bloody moonAt last, in this present case, lunar eclipse was quite low in horizon. Usually those types of eclipse have more chance to become red. Mostly, dust particles and water vapors present in lower 10,000 feet the atmosphere. Light will emit from lunar eclipse lower in horizon moving through dust particle and vapors.

So why the blood moon was not so bloody in Michigan? Last night, the air was quite dry and this becomes cause to lower the amount of water vapors present in air. There was not more dust in air and we were not having any kind of huge volcanic eruption which can affect that sky color.

It is hope to have better view of upcoming lunar eclipse if skies will remain clear. In late September of current year, it is estimated to have a lunar eclipse in evening and become higher in sky. Obviously the sky will become darker when eclipse occurs.  Let’s hope to have clear sky same as this morning.


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