Growing Turkish Film industry

Growing Turkish Film industry

Turkish Film industryThe arrival of Turkish films was in the era of 80s or 90s. At one time turkey was third largest film-maker all over the world. With the passage of time, television dramas got more importance than the film stars. The film industry was not able to carry the cost of films and the number of films began to drop. There were fewer than 9 to 10 films made annually. The increase of private universities played a great role. Many universities have increased cinema education and these schools and universities produce many major directors.

Turkey with a population of more than seventy million is fourth largest film industry all over the world. From the last few decades, Turkish film industry emerged as the most successful and popular industry and its influence is growing rapidly in the whole region. Turkish film industry are producing movies more than 100 per year and improving continuously and the box office of Turkey is selling more than forty million tickets annually and this rate is increasing continuously. The major percentage of movie tickets sales are just for the production of house hold. The top blockbusters are earning more than $21-25 million.

There are main four reasons, which explain the importance of Turkish film industry and also justify the answer that why Turkish films are really different and awesome.

  1. Success of Turkish industry is due to its recent movies and it is a great cause of its revival, which was once hit badly from political turmoil in 1980s.
  2. Government support was the main cause of Turkish revival and they greatly encouraged Turkish cinema.
  3. Throughout in the Middle East, the audience of Arab and Diaspora are very fond of Turkish movies and they are very popular among them.
  4. Government make attractive polices to make international partners. It also includes Hollywood.


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