Facebook support to register users to cast vote on polling day!

Facebook support to register users to cast vote on polling day!

On Thursday, the social media will encourage their users to register themselves for vote in combination with Electoral commission.

Facebook support to register users to cast vote on polling day!

For general elections held in may, Facebook has to prompt all users of UK that are adult to register themselves for vote, in the first intervention of company into electoral politics of British. Social media is joining its efforts with Electoral Commission for promoting reminder at the newsfeeds’ top held on Thursday, which is considered a registration day for national voters.

A format of similar exercises in India and US is being followed for the reminder and it will allow users to make a new and different “life event” on social network site for telling their friends that their names have been registered for vote and it will work in combination with the campaign of Electoral Commission just to encourage voters for registration among the youngsters of 17 years old who are becoming 18 year old before Election.

In US, during mid-term elections held in 2010, When same campaign run by Facebook, there was almost one third of million increasing turnover was come in front of scene, results found by study done in California University.

During the presidential Election of America in 2012, Facebook conducted various experiments to examine the efficiency of different interventions. Through this, almost 1.9 million people a huge amount of new stories, which bring a positive change in turn over among their fellows. It become cause of randomize the design, effect and placement of the button which is “I’ m voting” and it also hid it completely from rest of users. The final result of experiment was published in the paper of 2014 with title of “A 61-million-person experiment in social influence and political mobilization.”

Facebook support to register users to cast vote on polling day

The government specialist and politics of Facebook named as Elizabeth Linder of Europe says that Almost 35 million population use Facebook in UK and it is more than that number of individuals who voted for last elections.

“We’re seeing that many of them are already using the platform to have their say on who should govern this country …. We hope that through partnerships like this one with the Electoral Commission, we can make sure those conversations lead to higher turnout on 7 May.”

The Communication Director of Electoral Commission named, Alex Robertson says that we felt pleasure by working with facebook again in partnership in order to reach those individuals who will become eligible for voting on the day of polling.

“We saw at the Scottish Independence Referendum that young people are passionate and engaged about the issues that affect their lives. It’s vital that we continue to reach them on platforms like Facebook with information that’s accessible to them.”


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