Donald Trump, Not More Secure Now in America

Donald Trump, Not More Secure Now in America

Here could be a new strategy for the resistance: Bleed on ’em. On Thursday morning, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to attack MSNBC commentator Mika Brzezinski with insults thus medieval they may are funny had they not return from the president’s fingertips.
 First Trump known as Brzezinski “low I.Q. Crazy Mika” — that in the scientific discipline is what we tend to confer with as “projection.” there’s nothing dumber, or additional insane, than the commander in chief taking a day trip of his day to in person attack a TV host once he ought to be governing the country.
 It appears like Trump realizes this and is currently line of work others what he most fears concerning himself. however euphemism — forget the tax returns! Show America that bell curve, baby! If we tend to square measure aiming to point out IQs, my money’s on Mika.Donald Trump

He next tried his well-worn “I didn’t wish her — she wished me!” approach to discrediting Brzezinski. once creating her sound desperate for desirous to interview him (you recognize, as journalists square measure accustomed to), Trump then born the road that has girls across the country viewing their Hb in a very spanking new way.
 That’s right, women and gentlemen: Mika is dumb and she’s ugly! If solely she had asked Melania for the name of her doctor! Then he might need granted her the interview! And grabbed her by the crotch too. you recognize however he feels concerning stunning girls.
As long as they aren’t trauma.
 Thursday morning wasn’t the primary time Trump has expressed a deep worry of women’s blood and tried to encourage others to affix in. once Megyn Kelly tried to be a tricky moderator throughout the primary Republican dialogue, Trump aforesaid in an associate interview with CNN, “She gets out and she or he starts asking Pine Tree State all kinds of ridiculous queries. you may see there was blood initiating of her eyes, blood initiating of her where.”
 Bleeding from the face, trauma from the eyes, trauma out of her “wherever.” It makes a gal wish to send him a replica of “The Red Tent,” doesn’t it?
But he would in all probability take that as “bullying.” As deputy press secretary married woman Huckabee Sanders tried and true the incident, consistent with The Hill: “I don’t assume that the president has ever been somebody United Nations agency gets attacked and doesn’t beat back. this is often a president United Nations agency fights with heart and definitely, won’t be allowed to be cowed by liberal media and therefore the liberal elites inside the media.


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