The battle of the e-Muftis

The battle of the e-Muftis

Even if every Muslim scholar in the world constantly tweeted against IS, young Muslims on social media could simply turn their backs and carry on reading IS’s output.

The battle of the e-Muftis
Earlier this year, IS posted a video showing its fighters burning alive Jordanian air force pilot Muad al-Kasasbeh, in revenge for the country’s role in international air strikes.
To be realistic, [Islamic State] has acquired a great deal of experience as far as communication and social media are concerned,” the Grand Mufti told.
It’s staffed by young scholars, led by Dr Jamil Abu Sarah.
Abu Sarah says he has successfully made some young potential extremists think again, but his resources and current following are minuscule compared with his IS adversaries.
When the group’s supporters spotted the Jordanian Muftis’ efforts, they began attacking the site, posting messages aimed at undermining them because of their official role in the Jordanian state.¬


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