Top 7 Effective Treatments for Sneezing

Top 7 Effective Treatments for Sneezing

All of us have experienced a period in life when having continuous breath. When there is nothing serious about running nose, endless periods of crazy lengthened sneezing could lead you to hospitals due to lack of breath. Instead of going private, why not try out some home remedies for sneezing? They could work in a very simple way. Before coming to the solutions, let’s discover the exact causes so that you can cure sneezing in the right way.Treatments for Sneezing

What causes sneezing?

Sneezing can be a trigger, but it is one of the best ways to get rid of bacteria and undesired viruses out of your body. Many factors can activate these reactions. Below are some of them:

  • Allergic to dirt, pollutants and unpleasant smells
  • Exposure to burning sun
  • Too much sweating due to practice and sun
  • Exposure to cold weather
  • Related to flower pollen or mold
  • Childbearing women
  • Some home remedies for sneezing include:
  • Keep yourself away from allergic factors

There is every likelihood that some foods are underlying reasons for your sneezing. Get rid of these foods once you can confirm your doubt. Frozen food, cold drinks, gas drink, pasta, gluten food, cheese and milk are some common factors leading to sneezing. People are even allergic to latex gloves or chalk powder. Prevention is better than cure, so keep yourself away from these factors.

  1. Better your immune system

Vitamin C can help you with this. Guavas, bell pepper (yellow, green and red with red color is ranked the first), lemon, orange and watermelon, berries – all these foods can provide you with vitamin to better your immune system. Or you can buy vitamin supplement from your nearest drugstore. 500mg vitamin C is needed every day according to doctors and 100 grams bell pepper bring 349% necessary vitamin.

     2. Fennel seed

Fennel seeds can prevent sneezing caused by inflammation in respiratory stream. With antibiotic, antibacterial elements and antihistamine nature, these dried fennel seeds may be used with sugar to avoid sneezing. Besides, prepare a glass of strong coffee by boiling 2 spoons of crushed coffee in water, ingredients, honey. You could eat with sugar for instant outcome.

  3. Ginger

Like stuffy nose, ginger can work well in slowing down your sneezing. This is an effective treatment for sneezing. Consume energy or mix with honey to swallow it. Ginger is well known for its antihistamine element. It protects respiratory stream from contraction and reduces sneezing. You can try out a hot cup of ginger flavor with little honey. If you are in the shortage of raw ginger, dried ginger powder may help too. Prepare the mixture by mixing ½ spoon of dried ginger with ½ spoon of coffee powder, crashed cardamom and a bunch of cinnamon. Eating and drinking the mixture with honey to reduce sneezing and running nose. It is noted that you should not boil water after adding fennel seeds, which may have a negative impact on fennel natural oil.

4. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is useful if sneezing cause is allergy to dirt. You can add a few drops of original eucalyptus oil to your own handkerchief and smell it to clear your airways in nose. This is an effective home remedy as eucalyptus oil can help reduce sneezing and cold.

5. Tamarind

This is not very popular yet full of amazing benefits, especially if used with black pepper. Prepare a cup of green bean soup and drink it in your own way to reduce cold and the fear of sneezing. Immerse a small piece of tamarind into warm water for half an hour. Filter the liquid and add 2 cups of water, up to 12 curry leaves, a spoon of black pepper, ice salt and ½ spoon of ginger powder. Boil the mixture, lower the fire for 15 minutes or until the raw flavor of tamarind disappears. You can drink the mixture like that or use it with rice. The more delicious the soup is, the more quickly outcome will come.

6. Fenugreek seed

These small yellow and brown seeds have the inflammation nature, encouraging you to overcome periods of trigger caused by sinusitis. Prepare the drink by immersing a spoon of dried fenugreek seeds into water first. Boil water for 10 minutes, stretch and drink in your own way to avoid swollen sinusitis. If the drink is bitter, you can add sugar or honey in it.

7. Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is another experiment proven to have the same effect on both adults and kids. Apply little petroleum jelly in the nose airways, which makes them clean and hence reducing sneezing.

If sneezing happens according to seasons, it could be prevented by necessary actions. Identify the causes of the reaction and choose the method to solve. Try and make mistake with home remedies – this is the best solution to sneezing.


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