Natural Remedies for heartburn

Natural Remedies for heartburn

There are many natural remedies for heartburn, which are considered beneficial and helpful. Heartburn is a common problem, occurring in many people. They are mostly above the age of 40 and face the severity of this problem. Whenever the stomach acid moves up into your throat, then you feel the heartburn. Some certain meals and over eating become cause of heartburn. You may feel more heartburn, if you are smoker, overweight. Some medicines are used to minimize its effect like aspirin, sedatives, antidepressant and some antibiotics. Here we are going to discuss some natural remedies for heartburn, which can adapt to relieve from this problem.

Natural Remedies for heartburn

  • One most simple tip is drinking of water. Whenever you feel flicker of this problem, then drink one glass of water. It will help wash your esophagus and acid will move back to stomach.
  • Saliva also plays an important role in minimizing its effect. It neutralizes the effect of acid, so it’s better to chew one piece of gum. You can also suck a candy because the saliva produced from it will immediately reduce your pain.
  • You can use backing soda for this purpose, which is a common thing of your kitchen. Take a cup of warm water and add some drops of lemon juice in it and almost two pinch of backing soda. The presence of lemon juice helps to dispel the gas produced by backing soda, which creates in stomach in presence of stomach acid. This process can give fast and efficient results.
  • You can use the fresh juice of some vegetables like cucumbers, carrots and beet. They help reduce the effect of acid because of alkaline nature. You can add one pinch of paper and salt to produce flavor. If you feel inconvenient with these juices than you can use raw vegetables.
  • During sleeping, try to sleep on the left side.


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