How to get Rid of Hickeys Fast

How to get Rid of Hickeys Fast

Hickeys are sometimes pleasurable but they can also be embarrassing when you are out on the public environment. The marks of the hickeys can last for weeks or even for months that can prove to be humiliating for you. So there should be some methods from which you can get rid of the marks of hickeys quickly.

How to get rid of Hickeys

How to get rid of a Hickey Fast?

There are some of the popular cheap home remedies from which you can get rid of your hickey marks very soon. These include:

  • Through cold compress methods
  • Treating with alcohols
  • Coin scrapping method
  • With the help of cocoa butter
  • Hiding with makeup
  • With the peppermint cooling effect
  • Treating with aloe Vera


  • Concealing with your clothes

These treatments and the home remedies will help to lessen the marks of the love biting without making anybody realize. So enjoy hickeys without the fear of letting anybody know.


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