Home Remedies to Treat Obesity Naturally

Home Remedies to Treat Obesity Naturally

When you pass by a girl who has the proper curves and a flat ab, we’re sure your eyes must be catching glimpses of her until she vanishes from your view. And, in your mental vision she would stand all-day long giving you an inspiration to get into that structure. After a day or two, your memory won’t even recollect her and you’ll get back into your old self.

home remedies to treat obesity
But, have you ever thought what it took for that supermodel to become inspirable? She was not born like that, obviously she is and has put some hard work into it. If she can be on the top of your mind for that beautiful figure, imagine yourself being an inspiration to other women who pass by you! Doesn’t that give you the shrills? So, to become that inspirable you, you have to sweat it out on your walking/jogging track, plus follow these simple tips at home, to help your body mobilize all the fat and make it work out-ready. Once you do that, your workouts will help you burn the fat like magic. For the work out to work for you, you have to give it the fuel and here are the types of fuel you can give it:
Lemons ‘n Honey
Start your day with the combination of a lemon and a teaspoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water. To start your day with this elixir is a beautiful gift you give your body every morning. It will mobilize your fat, keep your constipation-free, and give you a brisk day ahead. Give yourself a time interval of 30 minutes before having your morning tea. Read more on ayurvedic medicine for obesity.

home remedies to treat obesity

Hydrate yourself all day
Keep yourself hydrated all day long. This doesn’t mean just plain water. You could choose green tea to do so. If you feel you don’t fit yourself into this green tea drinking group, call for some lemon juice sprinkled with pepper powder. Pepper and lemon help your body in a great way to lose all the unwanted weight. For the sweetness, you can scoop in a teaspoon of honey.

Detox once a week
Though you sweat it out there and you’re cautious about what you eat and what you don’t, detoxifying your body at least once a week, adds to the workout efforts. For detoxifying, you can reach out to this herbal tea recipe:
* Half a teaspoon of cumin seeds, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, each
* 4 cups of water and a thermos flask
* In a milk pot, add 4 cups of water, let it boil, and add the cumin, coriander, and fennel seeds. Keep the lid on when you let this mixture boil. After 2-3 minutes of vigorous boiling, strain the water into a thermos flask.
* After and before each meal, drink one cup of this tea all-day long. Preferably do this on weekends.

Adore Cabbage
Cabbage is the best source for vitamin C, potassium, and fibers. Include cabbage in your diet very often. You can steam it, grate it, or blend it up and add it in some form to your diet, preferably for lunch. Cabbage will increase your fiber intake and make it easy to shed those pounds.

Then comes, tripahala
Tripahala, the famous Ayurvedic herb is the best for any age group. Either use its powdered form or the capsule form on a daily basis. Triphala helps your body absorb nutrients in a better fashion and deletes that unwanted fluid weight from your body.

Combine your workouts with these natural home remedies to treat obesity and tell us how magical you feel about shedding those pounds in no time at all!


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