How to Search for a Good Job with No Experience

How to Search for a Good Job with No Experience

Job seekers spend much of their time in searching jobs, sending their resumes and then waiting for an interview call. First thing you need to remember, if you are a fresh graduate that everyone begins with no experience – you are not alone. Expert in everything was once a beginner.

Job with No Experience

Employers usually say that they receive hundreds of emails every day with innocent errors and omissions that job searchers unknowingly make in their job application or resume.

Many job seekers blow golden opportunities by making a bad first impression or providing interviewers with the unconfident response and then just waiting for days, weeks and months without even following up.

To help you in maximizing your job search and making you help to reach your desired career path, I’ve come up with some job searching techniques:

Customize you resume

Remember your resume is not a tattoo. Don’t be afraid to modify the wording, key terms and your experiences according to the job’s criteria. Approach professional resume writers who may guide you how to write or modify your resume according to your need.

Use your inexperience as motivation to learn

If you have just completed your school or college and applying for entry level positions, most interviewers know that you are inexperienced. They called you for an interview knowing you hold no experience because they want people who are dedicated, curious and eager to learn. So, what you need to do is to use your inexperience as a tool to learning and growth.

Answer confidently in your interview and never stop following up

Never go for job interview unprepared. Prepare yourself for the interview and then answer confidently whatever the interviewer asks you. Don’t answer in a weak voice.

Once the interview is over, ask the interviewer about the hiring cycle and try to stay in contact with the prospective employer until the time of hiring finally arrives.

Author’s Bio:

I am Hafiza Ayesha Khalid, a Computer Science graduate from PUCIT, Pakistan, a freelance and a technical writer who loves penning down life experiences, biographies, technical blogs, property blogs, new fashion trends and business related articles. I am passionate about technical writing because it combines my two interests – writing and technology – in almost seamless ways. I feel a little bit more of myself when writing because it makes me connect with the universe and helps in realizing that I am still alive.

Choose your words wisely because your words shape your reality.


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