PDeng (Professional Doctorate) Fully Funded Scholarships in Netherlands

PDeng (Professional Doctorate) Fully Funded Scholarships in Netherlands

PDeng (Professional Doctorate) Fully Funded Scholarships in Netherlands, Europe. A degree for which, only those people can apply, who have obtained Master Degree already
** The only degree after which you will have job surety in Europe
There are many Pakistanis studying in this program in 03 universities
** For Engineering and Specific Sciences fields. (Depends on vacancies announced)
Dear all Masters degree holders in Computer Science, Engineering & Sciences, especially degree holders from abroad and Top Guns, who want to pursue their careers abroad in top notch industries in Europe, here is a shortcut for you.

PDeng (Professional Doctorate)
If you want to get job in good companies in Europe after your Masters degree and do not want to do PhD. Then do this degree after your masters, you will be hired by top companies in Netherlands and other European Country immediately. Keep on following the link for future as they keep on posting new PDEng for every 4 to 6 months.
This is not a PhD degree but a special degree offered in Netherlands for Master degree holders in specific fields. If you want to do PhD, then this degree is not for you.
Duration of PDEng : 02 years
It is not a PhD degree but a practical and professional degree to prepare industry oriented engineers and scientists
PDeng (Professional Doctorate) in Netherlands
03 universities Links below
** Save these links and keep on checking as they keep on updating them
1) For TU/e (Technical University, Eindhoven, Netherlands)
See this link and on right side of this page. See right side tabs under “Search” click second tab and select “Post Master Design Engineer” in it. You will get all PDeng opportunities

2) For University of Twente, Netherlands ( ***Many PDEng positions posted today)
Click the link and go below on page and select “PDeng” under “Occupation” tab and hit search to see PDeng opportunities in list

3) For TU Delft, Netherlands
Click the link below and find PDeng in the list…/about-tu-…/working-at-tu-delft/jobs/
** You must have MS degree to apply for it
*************Highly competitive, so fulfill all requirements
*** First requirement is to open the links and see opportunities offered and their specific requirements
*** IELTS or TOEFL is a must


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