HEC Pakistan as a Crime Partner: Destroying Career of 74000 Graduates of Recognized Institute

HEC Pakistan as a Crime Partner: Destroying Career of 74000 Graduates of Recognized Institute

Islamabad, Pakistan: Higher Education Commision of Pakistan (HEC Pakistan) is currently on a route of destroying the lifetime career of 74,000 Graduates of Alkhair University. Alkhair University is chartered through Azad Kashmir Assembly and recognized by HEC Pakistan and still holding the recognition. The battle of money between the University and HEC has currently taken 74000 graduates to the end of their careers.

HEC has attested the degrees of these graduates and stopped the process in 2016 as a joke of data collection while HEC never has data of any other institute at that time. University provided all the data of graduates in December 2016.

In the last 18 months, HEC official continuously trolling the students as a judicial matter while HEC is higher level governing body for education to take its own decision. In the continues Alert in the major newspapers, HEC promising with students enrolled before 2016 to attest their degrees.


This Parents & Students Alert showing how HEC has violated it. It clearly is showing to attest degrees of students enrolled before 2016.

A graduate of Alkhair University who recently passed HEC Aptitude Test(HAT) for overseas PhD Scholarships told the media that he has lost two(2) international PhD scholarships in past one year due to the attestation problem from HEC. He has written several Emails and calls to HEC official to explain the situation and found rejection from everywhere. He named HEC as a destructor of his career. He claimed if HEC is in doubt in my abilities that how I passed HEC’s conducted test for PhD Scholarships?

Along with fresh degrees, already attested degrees, copies of attested degrees and departmental attestation is also stopped. In 2014, HEC issued a letter to university after a full inspection and cleared the institute as satisfactory without objections. It also appreciated the leadership of university management.

Appreciation letter issued to AlKhair University by HEC in 2014.

A graduate of affected institute working in Dubai on a Higher posting told to media, “In all types of recruitments, graduates of Alkhair graduates are being denied now due to attestation issue. People who were recruited in past 20 years in Pakistan or any foreign country are facing threat losing jobs. Salaries of all the Alkhair University degree holder employees has been stopped. There is no immigration possible with attestation from HEC and MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)”.

He presented his already attested degree from HEC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to media which has been denied from HEC now for re-attestation.

HEC Pakistan has denied accepting its own attested Degrees.

Graduates from Peshawar told to media, “There were several protested called by students at the front on HEC Islamabad and HEC promised to solve the matter within 15 days. Now 6 months passed and HEC has made no progress. Chairman of HEC Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed and Executive Director Dr. Prof. Arshad Ali violated their promises with graduates and university to settle down the issues“. 

Al Khair University Protest

This protested ended 8 months ago with an agreement of HEC Chairman and ED to restore attestations within 15 days.

A Group of Alkahir University working in Dubai whose jobs are at risk have appeal to media to bring this matter on board to attract the attention of Pakistan’s higher authorities. This ignorance and complete blindness from HEC higher management will gift another 74000 terrorists to Pakistan’s poor economy which already facing a burden of 70% unemployed youth.



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