Party Games for Kids

Party Games for Kids

Outside for a barbecue or having a birthday party indoor for the brand new member of the family, there’s always going to be a main thing in focus; keeping the kids occupied and entertained. There’s nothing worse than a couple of screaming, bored young kids sitting waiting for something to do. They’ll end up tired or maybe even worse crying. Luckily, this compilation of different party games for kids will be sure to help keep the kids occupied and out in the open doing something fun!

Balloon Pop

This game is fun for kids and adults alike. This will definitely keep everyone at the gathering on their toes and alert waiting for that noisy balloon to pop and for the fun to begin! This can start out by acquiring a brand new collection of balloons, a couple people, and some motivation to get popping.

Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop Game

Fill the balloons up with air, use as many as you want. However in one balloon, place a small piece of paper saying “You win!”. This will essentially be the winning balloon. Fill up a plethora of balloons, and have the kids run to pop the balloons and find the winning balloon.

Simon Says

This classic game will keep the kids occupied and fun; Simon says has proven to be one of the best and most known party games throughout many years, so it’s no surprise it made the list. Have one person named “Simon”, or the leader.

Simon Says kids game

Simon Says kids game

All of the other kids will line up and follow whatever Simon says, however Simon must say “Simon Says” before each action. Simon’s goal is to trick the kids into completing an action without saying “Simon Says” before it; if they do, they are disqualified. The winning people are those who can follow Simon the entire game.


This is another classic game that will keep everyone on their toes and energetic, and even get some exercise throughout the entire process. This game begins with one person being “it”.

Tag kids game

Tag kids game

The person that is it has the job of tagging the other kids in the group and simply patting them on the shoulder. Whoever pats them, is then considered “it” and their goal is to find another person to get it. This can be very fun and give everyone some exercise.

Musical Chairs

All this fun game requires is a couple chairs and some form of playing music. Count however people are in the group and gather a certain number of them; this will range, but make sure you have an accommodating amount of chairs to match each person. Subtract one from however many people there are. For example, if there are 5 participants place 4 chairs down. Play some music and randomly stop the music. The participants then must sit down in each chair. Whoever fails to sit in a chair is disqualified. Remove a chair after each round until a winner is reached.

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs Game

Play some music and randomly stop the music. The participants then must sit down in each chair. Whoever fails to sit in a chair is disqualified. Remove a chair after each round until a winner is reached.


All this game requires is some imagination. One person goes in front of the crowd and pretends to be a certain person, item, or idea. The crowd must then guess whatever the person is trying to be. Whoever guesses the concept correctly wins; that person must then pretend to be someone.

Hopefully these party games will bring joy and fun to any sort of celebration!


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