7 decisive skills to predict success

7 decisive skills to predict success

If you are really in search of successful life, psychologist has found out the needed skills that must be present in you. Just knowing about the skills does not matter until and unless you are going to act on it and finding flaws in yourself that need improvement. Now what kinds of skills those really require? You learnt algebra and history from school and after getting remarkable SAT scores, you become succeed as they said. But do you think about those skills that you should have? Susan Engel, a developmental psychologist suggest skills that really predict success. Below are mentioned seven critical skills for getting success.

7 decisive skills to predict success

  1. Reading:

One critical skill out of seven is to adopt habit of reading. It includes reading of book or essay to take proper understanding and then implementation of this information in any practical way and sharing with other fellows. Now the question is that have you read? Do your make proper implementation that you learnt? Do you share with different people? This can make a good boss.


  1. Conversation:

Conversation has identified to be a way through which children become able to communicate but also source of great learning. Poor children face lack of these rich capabilities at home. Do you have such kind of environment? Yes of course, you Work with colleagues and fellows but able to do rich conversation regarding various subjects can expands your mind.

  1. Inquiry:

If you are running your startup, than you can have this capability already. However, the main objective behind every start up is solving an existing problem or convincing people about their problem and you are supposed to sell solution to them. The question lies here that are you going to permit your employee for this level of inquiry. The procedure of inquiry is actually a process which helps you make your company successful.

  1. Engagement:

Evaluate your success level regarding projects that you really have and want to avoid. Is there anything that becomes source of excitement for you regarding your team? On your priority list, are you sure about high employee engagement? It is because the success of company does not solely depend on your engagement but also involve employees.

  1. Well-being:

Always remember that you and your working fellows are human and it’s important to know that you and your employees are happy. If you are not in this situation than it’s time to make a change. If work is not being done according your preferences and not generating output for you than you can change that you are supposed to do.

  1. Thinking flexibility and take help from evidence:


Most of the time we pay attention to those solutions that we think is best. We forget about various others and do not look at the problem with various perspectives. Do you really pay attention to the decision from different angels? Are you paying attention to evidence or rejecting something just because it is not giving you a justified conclusion? When you see new evidence, there is a need to alter old steps of action.

  1. Collaboration:

Are you doing your work your own or working in a team? Some people like to work in collaboration, but some prefer to perform work alone. Working alone can help you judge your capabilities your own then working in a team.



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